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Installation of braces in Kyiv

The procedure for installing a bracket system has been used for a long time. It has successfully established itself in all countries of the world. Today it is a simple procedure. There are many different braces. If for you it is important not only the result, but also the aesthetic appearance, while wearing braces, our clinic will offer several options

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Prices for braces in Kyiv
Simple pricing, no hidden fees
10 000 UAH
Installation of braces on one jaw.
Ability to correct any clinical situation

14 000 UAH
Aesthetics, but more expensive.
Give more aesthetics, but not inferior to metal

16 000 UAH
More wearing comfort.
More aesthetics. Also not inferior in quality to metal

Invisiline (drops)
20 000 UAH
The best on beauty. It is in great demand among young people who value aesthetics and their appearance
Monthly maintenance
The term of wearing braces is from 6 to 15 months. After installing braces, you need to visit an orthodontist once a month.
The cost of one reception is UAH 400
Monthly review
Replacement of elastic ligatures
Replacement of arcs
Replacement of braces
Gluing braces
Consultation on stages of treatment
Consultation on stages of treatment
Our team has installed more than 800 bracket system
Wide range
A wide range of bracket systems. From budget to elite
Guarantee of successful treatment
You will get a beautiful smile! It remains only to properly care for her)
Proper bite and a healthy smile at affordable prices
Frequently asked questions of our patients
How much time should I wear?
Everything is very individual. It depends on the complexity of the initial bite, and the body's response to treatment. If we talk from and to, it is usually from 6 to 15 months
Which braces system is better?
Each brace system performs its function equally. The choice of braces system depends only on your desire, referring to the aesthetic properties
How often do you need to show up for a reception?
Once a month.
What is the hygiene of the oral cavity when wearing braces?
Oral care should be taken more carefully when wearing braces. You should use a special orthodontic brush and various brushes to clean your teeth
Can I eat everything while wearing braces?
Unfortunately, there are dietary restrictions, in order for the brace system to be worn without additional adjustments, it is necessary to limit yourself to solid foods.
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