Our clinic specializes in:
- Special offer - 55% discount
- The most modern and high-quality way to restore lost teeth
- Our doctors have already installed more than 6500 implants

- A finished tooth in just 1 step
- High-precision crown without impressions and unpleasant sensations during treatment
- Computer modeling of the crown
- A more durable way to recover

- Discount up to - 55%
- A quality alternative to removable dentures
- Our doctors have installed more than 1500 "All on 4" prostheses
- Hollywood alternative to whitening and braces
- A fast and long-term way to get the perfect smile
- Installed more than 4300 veneers
- The best prices in Kiev
«All on 4» and «All on 6»
Implantation promotion
NeobioTech 8 500 - 4 650 грн
OSSTEM 13 300 - 5 650 грн
MegaGen 11 300 - 6 650 грн
Straumann 16 000 -13 900 грн
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Dentistry prices in Burov Clinic

High quality, fast and at reasonable prices. After your visit, you will not be disappointed that you have received a price list with services that you do not understand
in 3 hours
8 500 UAH
In just one visit, you will receive your new, beautiful tooth
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Installation of implants
5 650 UAH
Discounts up to 55%

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Ceramic inlay

4000 UAH
Filling or ceramic inlay?
Read more about the difference
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11 300 UAH for 1 tooth
Smooth, white teeth. Give yourself a seductive smile in a week
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10 000 - 15 000 UAH
We will make your teeth perfectly even in half a year
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Ceramic crown
7500 UAH
Modern and aesthetic appearance of prosthetics
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Metal-ceramic crown
4 300 UAH
The most durable type of prosthetics
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Answer only 10 questions and find out what type of implantation is optimal for you, and whether it is possible to do without it at all

About us:
Digital dentistry with the most modern equipment and affordable prices
We are working for over 10 years
The clinic employs doctors with over 12 years of experience
Digital dentistry
We use the latest innovations in dentistry and the best technologies for treatment and prosthetics
Prosthetics and implantation
More than 4,000 successfully engrafted implants, which we have covered with crowns
Burov Clinic Dentistry
- The best prices in Kiev
- We use only modern treatment technologies
- We always keep up with the times
- Loyalty systems are in place

High-quality dental services in Kiev, with the use of innovative equipment and reliable consumables, are offered by Andrey Sergeevich Burov's clinic, which has already won demand and recognition among the capital's residents.

If you are looking for a price / quality solution, then you've come to the right place. We have the most modern equipment and the best materials on the European market.
Andriy Sergiyovich Burov
Implant surgeon

Ponomarenko Andriy Vasilyovuch
Medical director

Tishina Olga Sergievna
Implant surgeon
Romanyuk Alina Muroslavivna
We work for your comfort!
Treatment takes place in a comfortable environment. Due to modern equipment, most complex services can be performed in one go
Top quality materials
We work exclusively with European and American materials, so that our works will please you for a very long time
Antibacterial treatment
Recirculators, pre-sterilization treatment, autoclaving of all instruments. Antiseptic treatment on all surfaces
Rest zone
Nice administrators, a cozy welcome-zone will make your visit to our clinic even more comfortable =)
We treat in a dream
Don't be afraid of dental services anymore. Our clinic offers dental treatment in the time of a pleasant sleep
No waiting
You can always choose several options for an appointment, online or call our clinic. We will find the most convenient time for you
Only positive
All our doctors turn an ordinary dental visit into a friendly meeting
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