Tooth restoration
Your tooth suffer from caries, pulpitis or just erupted with a defect? Then it needs restoration! Our clinic provides various types of dental restorations: photopolymer restorations, ceramic inlays or full crowns. Our doctors will help you decide on the best method of dental restoration for you

The most effective ways to restore teeth in Kyiv

There are three types of dental restorations: photopolymer filling, ceramic inlay or crown.

Photopolymer dental filling is one of the most common methods of restoration. This is just a layered application of photopolymer material in the prepared cavity.

The ceramic inlay is almost a dental filling, BUT it is created by means of computer technologies from the block of ceramics then is fixed in a cavity. The ceramic inlay does not need to wait a few days, thanks to modern Cerec 3D equipment, with which you can make a crown in just 2 hours.
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Dental filling, ceramic inlay or crown?
What's the difference ?!
Up to 33%destruction
Up to 60% destruction
More than 60% destruction
If you have a small tooth cavity, you can close it with a filling. At such destruction installation of a photopolymeric dental fillingt is still allowed
For more serious tooth decay, we strongly recommend using a ceramic inlay
If your tooth is badly damaged, the best solution is to install a crown. This will save your tooth and allow it to function properly for many years
Types and prices of restoration:
When choosing a tooth restoration, we always refer to the indications for a particular method. After all, only the right choice of future design will last you a very long time
Photopolymer dental filling
(up to 33% tooth decay)
1 700 грн
Preparation of the cavity
Cofferdam system insulation
Antiseptic treatment
Layered application of material in 1 hour
Polishing the dental filling
Tooth crown
(more than 70% of the destroyed tooth)
8 500 грн
  • Preparation of the cavity
  • Scanning with a 3D scanner
  • Crown simulation on a computer
  • Ceramic crown in 3 hours
  • Cofferdam system insulation
  • Fixation of the crown
Additional Services
Depending on the clinical situation of the patient
200 UAH
150 UAH
Why it is necessary to do restoration in Burov Clinic
Our team made more than 5,000 beautiful smiles
3D scanning
No prints, a prototype tooth will be ready in a few minutes
Own laboratory
Ability to create a crown without leaving the clinic (3 hours)
It is thanks to the microscope that the doctor does the perfect job
Compare photos before and after restoration
Frequently asked questions of our patients
How long will the ceramic inlay last?
The dental inlay is a very durable structure, as it does not darken, does not shrink and does not chip over time. The wearing period of the inlay can be 7 or 10 years.
Inlay or crown?
It all depends on the degree of destruction of your tooth. We wrote above about the degree of destruction. But, all cases are individual, and the correct answer you will receive only from the doctor sitting in a chair.
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