In our clinic you will get the smile that everyone dreams of, so do not deny yourself what will seduce your interlocutors every day, because it is up to you to choose with which smile to conquer this world!
The cost of one highly artistic Veneer
11 300 грн

Veneers in Kyiv

Veneers are a work of dental art! Thin ceramic plates that can make your smile charming. Today it is the most effective and one of the most reliable methods of tooth restoration. The idea of veneers appeared in 1930, when the actors of theater and cinema were temporarily glued thin plates, thus creating the illusion of a perfect smile. Now, you do not need to create an illusion, you can just go to Burov Clinic and get quickly, efficiently and for life what you once only dreamed of
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Price for art veneers:
We have very simple pricing
High-tech veneer
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11 300 UAH
Digital tooth scan

3D modeling of the future smile


Dental treatment

Production of temporary veneers

Production of permanent veneers

Fixation of veneers

Why make veneers at Burov Clinic
Our team has installed more than 4200 veneers
3D scanning
No prints, a prototype tooth will be ready in a few minutes
Own laboratory
Ability to create a crown without leaving the clinic (3 hours)
It is thanks to the microscope that the doctor does the perfect job
Stages of installation of veneers
This is how veneers are installed at Burov Clinic
Photo / video capture
During the first visit to our clinic, we take a photo and video protocol in order to keep a smile in mind before installing veneers.

It is also necessary to plan a new, individual smile
Digital tooth scan
Our clinic is one of the few clinics that has its own 3D scanner. Therefore, even before all work, we scan all the teeth so that the technician can create a temporary prototype of your new smile
3D modeling of teeth
In a special 3D program, the dental technician first models each tooth, and then compares them in the photo, in order to assess whether this type of smile suits you or not. Then, when everything is perfect, the new teeth are printed on a 3D printer in the form of a plastic model. This way we can hold in our hands what we have created in the program. The layout is printed in perfect proportions and without any errors
Fitting a future smile
Fitting a future smile is a necessary stage of the whole treatment. At this stage, you can already appreciate what was modeled on a computer, because the veneers printed on a 3D printer can already be fixed on the teeth. We evaluate the shape, color, location of new teeth, take new photos, make adjustments and only then, when everything is ready, start processing teeth
Veneers under the microscope
We process teeth under veneers under a microscope, because only under magnification it is possible to see the smallest details. Under the microscope, we can control the thickness and shape of the tooth, because the preparation for veneer is a maximum of 1 mm.

After dental treatment, the doctor fixes temporary veneers so that you can get used to the new sensations
Production of ceramic veneers
After processing all the teeth, coordinating the shape, color and structure of the veneers, our artist enters the work. This is what we call our technician :) First, each veneer is milled from a block of ceramics, and then the technician adjusts the ceramics layer by layer, creating a micro-relief, individual color and special shape. He does everything so that your veneer meets all your requirements
Example and fixation of ceramic wineries
After the permanent veneers are ready, we remove the temporary ones and try on the permanent ones, look again under the microscope and analyze the fit of the veneers. And here, the most pleasant process: fixing of permanent veneers. Veneers are fixed to the cement, creating a whole with the tooth

After fixing, we conduct a photo shoot, only with a completely new smile. =)
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Compare photos before and after
installation of veneers
Frequently asked questions of our patients
Does it hurt to install veneers?
When processing a tooth for veneer, the doctor works within the enamel, which has no nerve endings, so the procedure for installing veneers is completely painless
Do you need to grind your teeth a lot?
Each smile is individual, so depending on the original shape and color of your teeth, and the design of future teeth, the doctor determines the required amount of tooth tissue to be treated. In any case, the treatment of the tooth under the veneer is carried out at the level of tooth enamel. That is not more than one millimeter
Can there be caries under the veneer?
Caries cannot spread under the veneer itself, as the veneer is fixed on a special cement that is not porous and the bacteria simply have no place to multiply.

However, veneer is fixed only on the outer surface of the tooth, so the inner surface of the tooth, if not followed by proper hygiene, can be prone to caries
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